Important Things To Know

The top 10, to be exact.

  1. Process > product. You don’t have to have an end product in mind. We’re practicing writing together.
  2. Genre doesn’t matter. Just write, however, for 10 minutes each day.
  3. Don’t censor yourself. No backspace. No editing!
  4. Give and receive only positive, detailed, thoughtful feedback.
  5. Caroline or Janet will email you a prompt every morning. We’ve created a special list of prompts just for this project!
  6. Go with your first instinct when you see the prompt. The prompt is merely a jumping off point, not a directive.
  7. Pencil, iPhone, computer, typewriter, fountain pen? Doesn’t matter how you write. Just write. Switch it up! Or don’t.
  8. No rereading, editing, or changing what you write before you send it to your partner. Go where there’s energy. Even (especially) if it scares you to write about that.
  9. Write for the full 10 minutes (or more if you want!) but only send 10 minutes worth of writing to your partner. Keep writing through, even if the end is just: I have nothing more to say about this. I have nothing more to say about this.
  10. Be kind to yourself and others, and have a fucking blast.