The 18 Somethings Project is a writing adventure to unleash your creativity.

Generate new work. Get creative support. Make inspired progress.


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Creativity thrives within a container, especially a flexible one. For 18 days, you’ll write 10 minutes per day on a prompt (we’ll use imagery, sound, text) you’ll receive each morning. In the email, you’ll also find thought-provoking writing advice, reflections, inspiration, books to read, and more. 

In past editions of this project, we’ve paired people with a partner, who reads your work and sends you only positive feedback…and you do the same! For the Shelter In Place 2020 edition during April, we won’t be assigning partners but invite you to create your own accountability and partnership if you’d like, by recruiting a friend (or a small group of friends) to send and receive your daily writes. Having someone witness your writing process can build accountability and make the process more enjoyable. Sharing writing and creative process can also be a meaningful way to connect deeply in this time. (Head here for more information on how you can share positive feedback, per the past editions.)

Caroline and Janet started this project in June 2013, in honor of their Gemini birthday time. Since then, they’ve coordinated a half-dozen editions with hundreds of participants around the world.

The Shelter In Place edition is currently running now through April 22. 

For 18 days, 315+ participants are writing 10 minutes that they receive each morning through TinyLetter. We will make all of the prompts available after April 22 on our website.

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We send communications via TinyLetter which sometimes go into spam / updates folders. Questions? Email 18somethings [at] gmail.com

Money & energy

We are offering this edition of 18 Somethings as a gift—nothing is expected in return, except of course, your participation if you join us. And, if you would like to appreciate us for this work with money, we will gratefully accept donations, with a suggestion of $18+. All the money we receive will be split: 20% donated to Farmworkers’ Covid-19 Pandemic Relief Fund, and the rest between the two of us. Donations can be sent via Venmo to @janet-frishberg or Paypal to jfrishberg@gmail.com.

If you’re in a time of financial hardship, thank you for accepting this as a gift, and giving us a chance to (hopefully) be useful.

“I started my first original novel as part of an 18 Somethings edition, typing my responses to the prompts while camping on the edge of the crater of Crater Lake. The novel, which became Crater Lake Caravan, touches on many of the themes the project brought out for me. I’ve had the pleasure of making friends and helping others make friends through 18 Somethings. Writing is such a solitary, lonely pursuit most of the time, so projects like this was build intentional and thoughtful communities are vital to all of our spiritual health.”

 Jessica Dickinson Goodman