The 18 Somethings Project is a writing adventure to unleash your creativity.

Generate new work. Give & receive only positive feedback. Bask in accountability.

By the numbers.

For 18 days, you’ll write 10 minutes per day on an inventive new prompt you’ll receive each morning. In your inbox, you’ll also find thought-provoking writing advice to jumpstart your day. You’ll share your writing with 1 supportive partner, who reads your work and sends you only positive feedback…and you do the same!

The benefits.

Starting a new project can be daunting…and so can finishing one, or just pushing on in the middle. Wherever you are in your writing process, The 18 Somethings Project is designed to give your writing a boost.

  • Quickly generate hundreds of new words outside of your usual routine, through automatic writing 
  • Give and receive steady, positive feedback from a partner who is going through the same process
  • Accountability in a loosely-held container
  • Break outside of your usual writing patterns with new ideas and concepts as you respond to a variety of prompts
  • Gain a new perspective: learn to see the diamonds in the rough among your work (and others’) 

Dates + how it works.

Sign up by August 30. You’ll receive your partner and the “ready-set-go” information by September 8. Start writing on September 10, through September 28: 18 days of writing and only  positive feedback. 

Sign up now.

All ready to go? Head here for a short Google form that covers logistics. Donate $54 to help offset the costs of this labor-of-love project. 

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“I started my first original novel as part of an 18 Somethings edition, typing my responses to the prompts while camping on the edge of the crater of Crater Lake. The novel, which became Crater Lake Caravan, touches on many of the themes the project brought out for me. I’ve had the pleasure of making friends and helping others make friends through 18 Somethings. Writing is such a solitary, lonely pursuit most of the time, so projects like this was build intentional and thoughtful communities are vital to all of our spiritual health.”

 Jessica Dickinson Goodman

Photo credits: Florencia Viadana  (top image); Austin Chan  (bottom image)