About The Creators

In June 2013, Caroline and Janet  wanted to celebrate their birthdays in a way that would spark their creativity and help others jump-start their own creative lives. They conceived of The 18 Somethings Project, based on The Writing Salon introducing this framework to D.C., who then generously shared it with Janet.

We are quite grateful to the first participants for being our guinea pigs, to the people who have participated in all three editions, and to Victor Saad and The Leap Year Project for inspiration.

Janet Frishberg writes and works in San Francisco, where she lives in a light blue room. She’s currently editing her first book, a memoir about grief. A bunch of her 10 minute writes have turned into short stories and essays that you can read in journals around the internet. If you want to learn more or find her published writing, check out www.janetfrishberg.com or email her at jfrishberg [at] gmail dot [com].

Caroline Kessler is a poet, editor, and facilitator currently living in St. Louis, where she is on a fellowship pursuing an MFA in creative writing at Washington University. Originally from outside Baltimore, she also makes zines, uses a typewriter, and rides a bicycle. Her poetry and prose has been published in The Susquehanna Review, sparkle + blink, Anderbo, Superstition Review, and Sundog Lit, among others. For more info, head to her website. Drop her a line: hi [at] carokess [dot] com.


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