We’re back: The July Edition!

writing adventure 18 somethings projectHappy summer! I’m stoked to announce the fourth edition of The 18 Somethings Project, after more than a year-long hiatus. Thanks so much for your patience as we (Janet and Caroline) were busy pursuing our own creative projects. For this edition, I (Caroline) will be running things solo and I’d love to have you join me July 1-18.

As always, this is a writing adventure for anyone and everyone–whether you call yourself a “writer” or “a person who writes” or none of those! Over the past two years, we’ve seen a lot of amazingness come out of this project–new friendships, collaborations, writing group formations, and people continuing to exchange 10-minute writes on their own.

A few updates to this edition:

  • I’m requesting an $18 donation to sustain my own commitment of time and energy, allow this project to grow, and ensure a high-quality level of participation. If this is an obstacle for you, we have scholarships available–we’d never want money to stand in the way of your participation! To request a scholarship, please write a brief note (no more than 250 words) explaining your need. All responses kept confidential.
  • There is a *slightly* longer application form to also ensure commitment and make it clear how important positive feedback is to this process.
  • Some of the prompts will be images, instead of short phrases or words!

If you’re new to the project, please check out the Process and FAQs pages first. Ready to roll? Sign up now.

The deadline to sign up is 11:11pm PST on June 22. You’ll get your partner by June 26. We’ll start writing on July 1. Looking forward to writing with you! And of course, reach out with questions.


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